When can I start?

I have a medical condition, is this program safe for me?
In most cases, yes. But I am not a medical professional so I always recommend that you check with your doctor.  

Do you include specific exercise routines?
No, this program is focused primarily on the food you consume. I encourage exercise and offer recommendations but there is not a specific fitness routine outlined as part of the program.  

I just had a baby, can I do it now?

Can I do the daily deficit while breastfeeding?
Yes! I started while breastfeeding. There's a special section for breastfeeding mothers.  

I am over 50, will it work for me?

Can I drink wine on your program?

Can I eat chocolate on your program?

Can I do this program if Iā€™m vegan/gluten free/vegetarian/dairy free?

Will the same techniques work for my husband / boyfriend / brother?

I have a lot of weight to lose, will this program work for me?

I only need to lose 10 pounds, will this program work for me?